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[Article] Woooo!

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[Article] Woooo!

Post by Bren on Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:51 pm

How I feel right now!

Yes, gentle readers I have returned to the post of journalist. This is a joyous occasion. If you want to run riot in the streets in celebration, I'm OK with that. Everyone should just go crazy, people from Auckland -- get that triple-shot hazelnut-caramel-pumpkin latte you've wanted -- it's utterly disgusting but this isn't a time of such quibble! Go nuts!

People from Wellington, no triple-shot hazelnut-caramel-pumpkin latte for you. You're getting fat. Go have a cry in that Economist magazine you pretend to read. It's for your own good.

People from Nelson, go drink some DB. The Free House and it's array of Blackberry Porters will still be waiting for you later.

People from Dunedin, have a freaking riot about the state of your student housing. Seriously.

I'll get to the rest of you later but once we've finished a fortnight of celebration this is what you can expect:

I WILL ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS. Like, whatever happened to that Jellytip Whittakers chocolate? It was there for like a week. Come on!

I WILL GROUND MY JOURNALISM IN TOPICAL REFERENCES. Let me follow up my Simpsons and Arrested Development references with quotes from this recent sitcom. Straight to the moon indeed.

I WILL ALWAYS DID GOOD GRAMMAR. This is important to me.

Finally some housekeeping.

First congratulations to Activist for winning the NT election. May his rein bring us much silverware.

Secondly, if you'd like to contribute to the newsfeed this season then just send me a BRmail and I'll make you an assistant journalist. Contributions can range from any BR topic (NT/U20/Cup/League/Friendlies/Tips/etc...) to real life topics like real life rugby.

Thirdly, join the brand new Offsite people.

Fourthly, scouting for the Season 30 generation of U20 players has begun. So start scouting!

Fifthly, this is the song of the day.


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Re: [Article] Woooo!

Post by Pantherus on Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:26 pm


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Re: [Article] Woooo!

Post by Kruizey on Tue Aug 25, 2015 2:04 am

You just became Journalist and already you are putting Activists in reins???? Someone needs to stand up to your bullying ways! Although by speaking out will I be next??

Let it Rain, Let it Rein, Let it Reign!


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Re: [Article] Woooo!

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