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Interesting Comment By Jeremy

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Interesting Comment By Jeremy Empty Interesting Comment By Jeremy

Post by Bren on Wed Jun 01, 2016 12:31 pm

In this bug reports thread about FOTG.

Jeremy wrote:Thanks everybody. Very valid points by Zeta and IT. It's hard not to agree.

However, I've decided not to remove FOTG at least for now. We'll see how things go with the following change, and if there's no real improvement we'll remove altogether next season.

The change - which is live as of now - is the one proposed earlier, making defence exempt from FOTG effects. This is a minor change in the big picture, but we'll give it a while before taking more drastic measures.

As for big score lines, there are changes a ways down the pipeline to look at the predictability of matches. Currently, once a certain gap in CSR is reached between two teams the results become too predictable. This deprives us of the excitement and interest we get in real life competitions, even where teams may be significantly distant in terms of on-paper quality, we still see regular upsets. These changes will likely address some of the big score lines as well.

I'm aware this may cause some concern among managers, but don't worry too much. The best teams will still be the best teams over the season, but what we'd like to see more of, is those lesser teams being able to pull the occasional win over significantly better teams. It happens already but unrealistically rarely. Keeping interest and engagement high is a necessary focus for the future of Blackout Sports.

Sounds like it's a while off but still, interesting.


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Interesting Comment By Jeremy Empty Re: Interesting Comment By Jeremy

Post by Activist on Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:14 am

Another interesting announcement:

LTNT does not provide an experience boost in NT and U20 matches. Nor does WNWIM give an experience penalty in NT and U20 matches.

While examining the code for experience and intensity it was found that intensity choice in NT and U20 matches had no effect on experience gain. All intensities give the same experience gain as normal intensity.

The docs have been modified to explicity state this now (relevant bit I have highlighted in bold):

So, just to reiterate:

It has never been the case that LTNT provides an experience boost in NT and U20 matches. Nor has WNWIM ever given an experience penalty in NT and U20 matches.


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